July 15, 2024
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The Best Travel Insurance Policies and Providers

Travel Insurance Policies

A comprehensive travel insurance policy covers medical expenses, emergency evacuation and trip interruption/reimbursement. It also covers a percentage of prepaid travel expenses if you need to cancel for unforeseen reasons.

Top-scoring policies also offer a “cancel for any reason” upgrade and coverage for extreme sports, along with a number of policy add-ons.

1. GeoBlue

Berkshire Hathaway’s Travelex offers competitive pricing for comprehensive coverage, including a 15-day pre-existing condition waiver. It also stands out with specialized policies for road trips, like its ExactCare Lite plan.

The company focuses on medical coverage for international travelers and has a network of physicians in 180 countries. It also offers policies for expats and other groups, such as teachers and students doing overseas work.

The company also offers plans for seniors up to 84 years old and provides COVID-19 coverage, as well as plans for non-U.S. citizens traveling to the United States. It also offers a variety of policy add-ons, such as extreme sports coverage and valuable items covereage.

2. Trawick International

Trawick International is a top-rated travel insurance provider that offers a comprehensive portfolio of coverage. It excels in the medical and evacuation categories, providing some of the highest coverage available. It also provides valuable quarantine coverage.

All of the company’s plans come with a variety of add-ons for additional protection. The Safe Travels Voyager plan, for example, provides high trip cancellation and primary medical benefits with the option to include CFAR and pre-existing condition coverage.

Backed by financially stable underwriters, Trawick International provides reliable policies for domestic and global travelers. The company’s Covid 19 coverage is among the most robust. In addition, it offers a unique plan for adventurous travelers that includes specialized sports coverage.

3. Seven Corners

Seven Corners is a highly-rated travel insurance company that offers a variety of comprehensive travel protection plans. Their policies are competitive overall, although they offer lower limits within their comprehensive travel insurance plans compared to competitors.

Their Liaison product line is a good choice for travelers looking for travel medical coverage. The policy includes a modest deductible that pays out after a certain amount of medical costs, which helps keep costs down for frequent travelers.

The company also has a RoundTrip Basic plan with COVID-19 cancellation and travel medical coverage included. However, the company does not provide a 10-day policy review period. This makes it difficult for some consumers to return the policy if they are not satisfied with the terms of their trip.

4. Travel Guard

Travel Guard is a North American travel insurance provider owned by AIG. They offer packages for a variety of trip types, including adventure sports coverage and medevac coverage. They are a popular partner of airlines and other travel suppliers, and you can often buy their policies at the point-of-sale.

They are a good choice for travelers with pre-existing medical conditions who need to find a policy that covers their health risks. They also have cancel for any reason plans that offer generous terms, though their premiums tend to be slightly more expensive than those of other providers. The best plan is their Preferred plan, which provides $100,000 in medical coverage and optional CFAR upgrade and car rental coverage bundles.

5. Generali Global Assistance

Backed by one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Generali Global Assistance offers three tiers of travel insurance. The company’s plans are competitively priced with good coverage amounts in areas like trip cancellation, interruption and delay, medical costs and lost/delayed sporting equipment.

The company’s Standard plan is ideal for travelers primarily concerned with trip cancellation coverage. The Preferred plan covers more expenses and has higher benefit limits. And the Premium plan provides more add-ons, including Cancel for Any Reason and pre-existing condition coverage.

To find a plan, simply input your trip details on the Generali Global Assistance website. From there, you can compare plan quotes and select coverages.

6. IMG

IMG provides many insurance plans designed to protect travelers. They offer several options for deductibles and maximum limits. In addition, they offer COVID-19 coverage up to the policy maximum on most of their plans.

They have a wide variety of travel insurance policies, including those for business individuals, students, scholars, families, ex-pats, and marine captains/crew. All of their travel insurance plans have solid plan limits and a good list of covered reasons for trip cancellations/interruptions.

They also provide medical travel insurance and specialized plans for students, older adults, and missionaries. All of their plans come with 24/7 emergency assistance services and multilingual support staff.

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