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Best Practices to Take Care of an Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree

If you are aspiring to be an avocado farmer or already you are, this blog post is meant for you. It is educative on how to care for the avocado tree to produce the best quality avocado fruits and delicious.

It is easy to take care of the avocado tree if you know what is supposed to be done and what to avoid. The avocado tree care tips you will find apply everywhere, no matter where you grow the avocado tree.

If you follow these tips to the letter, you’ll not only be growing avocado trees for home consumption but also the business. As the demand for avocado is high, you can use these tips to grow your avocado tree care perfectly, and they will produce high quality and high yield.

Ensure you water Your Avocado Tree

It is important to ensure you water the avocado tree even if they have already grown up. You can get to know it is time to water the avocado tree when the soil around the base avocado tree is dry.

You could choose to water your avocado tree once or twice if you planted it in a dry place.  If it is the summer season, the number of times you need to water is more frequent. When watering the avocado tree, use a bucket or hose pipe and not a sprinkler.

If the soil around the avocado tree base is damp, avoid watering as too much water will make the tree dry. Anytime you are watering the avocado tree, ensure the soil is fully saturated.

Mulching Avocado Trees

Mulching is important if you have planted an avocado tree in a dry place and this will assist avoid the loss of water to the sun due to evaporation.

Use organic wood chip mulch when mulching your avocado tree to help control moisture levels in the soil and avoid the production of hazardous germs and organisms.

Spread a uniform layer of mulch under the tree’s canopy to cover the gypsum layer, leaving about 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) between the trunk and the mulch.

Pruning Your Avocado Tree

Pruning is also one of the ways to take care of the avocado tree. When pruning your avocado tree, make sure to use clean, sharp pruning shears after the fruit has been taken.

The best time to prune an avocado tree is after all of the fruit has been harvested so that it can regenerate new growth and bloom again in the future. Make sure your pruning shears are clean and free of rust, as well as sharp so that you can make precise cuts with them.

Prune the canopy’s lowest branches that prevent you from watering the soil beneath the tree where the branch links to the trunk. Make a cut flush with the trunk to ensure that the branch is removed uniformly and that the trunk heals properly.

Don’t use fertilizers on newly planted avocado trees

It is important not to add fertilizer to the newly planted avocado tree. If you would like to add nutrients to the soil, add manure.

If your soil needs more nitrogen, spread a thin layer of manure on top of the soil beneath the mulch. The manure will continue to add nutrients to your soil while also aiding in water retention.

The reason why you shouldn’t use fertilizer on a newly planted avocado tree is that fertilizers might burn the roots, so don’t use any for at least a year after you first plant them. Allow your tree to develop its root system in the earth. The right time to add fertilizer to the avocado tree is after one year.

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