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Who is Who in a Bodyguard Team

Bodyguard Team

The Team Leader

This individual might be the Bodyguard to the main Principle just as being in by and large charge of the defensive activity. The Team Leader’s responsibility is to guarantee that everybody has all of the information that they require to empower them to complete their capacity; he is normally the one that liaises with the Principal and the contracting security company if there is one. On most tasks, the Team Leader has the power to hire and fire a group workforce.

The Bodyguard

Typically truncated to BG, he is an individual from the PES. If, his job is very unique; while everybody in a group is in principle a bodyguard, for example, their capacity, regardless of whether they are drivers or they watch the nursery entryway, is that of guarding the Principal. There is just a single BG per principal. There might be a day BG and a night BG however by and large there is just a single BG on one principal at any one time. If you are facing security Hire security guard London.

Different ‘Bodyguards’ are alluded to as the PES. The BG is the individual that will be in close contact with the Principal consistently. His responsibility is to shield the Principal from any threat, for example, to give ‘body cover’. The BG structures the inner cordon of the guard and is answerable for seeing that no danger moves beyond him and to the Principal.

The Bodyguard is the ‘main man’ or lady; he is the one with a definitive duty regarding the government assistance of his charge He and the Principal are at the focal point of concentric circles of assurance. He is the last piece of security and he puts himself between each possible danger and the Principal. Different circles are composed of the PES and the RST, which we will find out underneath.

The Personal Escort Section (PES)

The PES can have various capacities depending on the circumstance where they find themselves. As a rule, they give an external cordon of guard rather than the BG’s inner cordon. In different circumstances, their capacity might be to assault the danger and give the BG time to move the Principal away from the peril.

Again, depending upon the circumstance, the PES might be as near the Principal as the BG; in others, they might be a lot further away. For instance, outside a setting in a vehicle fit to be called upon if necessary.

The Security Advance Party (SAP)

The cosmetics of the SAP will shift starting with one task then onto the next; some may have a couple of individuals that are committed to propel work and do nothing else. Others may utilize an SAP when they have a specific need. Essentially, the SAP can guarantee that there are no curveballs for the Principal while he is all over town on his social and business plan. The SAP will go ahead of the Principal, checking that courses and settings are OK.

The Residence Security Team (RST)

The RST, as the name proposes, cares for the actual security of a place that the Principal is the occupant. This could be a house, an inn, or a yacht. Numerous principals secure the entirety of their homes with an RST, regardless of whether they are just inhabitants for half a month of the year. This is the place where most fledgling bodyguards will serve their Bodyguard apprenticeship.


While all individuals from the group ought to have the option to drive, regularly the job of a driver is a committed one. That is, somebody is utilized exclusively as a driver. This driver could be trained in close insurance. At the point when they are not, it is wrongdoing, because occasionally the best weapon that a nearby assurance group has is the vehicle that they are in. However, if you have a big company or other important company you should hire Bodyguards. Also, Bodyguards for hire for a secure life.

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